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SGE MyCapLC™ Kit

MyCapLC Kit

MyCapLC Kit Diagram

Kinesis & Trajan are pleased to introduce the MyCapLC™ Kit, the latest product addition to the SGE portfolio.

High quality 100-500um ID capillary columns are costly, but with the MyCapLC Kit, for the price of half a commercial capillary column, you can pack three Capillary HPLC Columns without any additional instrumentation, you simply need a HPLC syringe pump.

Many commercial LC columns are manufactured using fused silica whereas the MyCapLC kit uses PEEKsil which is more robust.

Pack Capillary Columns Like an Expert

  • Pack your own capillary HPLC columns, no special pumps or instrumentats required
  • Make the columns that you want
  • Perfect for life sciences analysis

Pack capillary HPLC columns like an expert using MyCapLC™ Kit. You can easily pack your own capillary HPLC columns using your existing HPLC pump by following the simple MyCapLC column packing instructions.

Configuration and Design

MyCapLC Kit (suitable to pack three columns):

  • 0.1 g C18 3 μm 200 Å
  • 1 x Slurry reservoir (50 mm x 2.1 mm ID column tubing)
  • 2 x End fittings with inserted PEEK sealing rings
  • 1 x PEEK Fingertight fitting
  • 3 x Column bodies (1/16" OD PEEKsil®, lengths from 50 mm - 150 mm and IDs from 150 μm - 530 μm)
  • 6 x Connection capillaries (1/32" and 0.36 mm OD options available in 50 μm ID. Inlet length is 250 mm. Outlet length is 100 mm)
  • 6 x Male unions (1/16")
  • 6 x Female unions (1/32")
  • 6 x PEEK double ended ferrules (1/16"-1/32") with 0.5 μm woven mesh filters
  • 2 x Wrenches

MyCapLC for LC-MS/MS Protein Identification


  • LC-MS/MS analysis of a protein digest from Zebra fish brain homogenate using Filter Aided Sample Preparation (FASP method).
  • MS/MS ion search using Mascot software for protein identification.


  • MyCapLC user-packed capillary columns provide excellent peak shape and high peak capacity at 10% of the cost per peak and a fraction of the lead time for off-the-shelf capillary LC columns.
  • 151 proteins identified using an 0.3 × 150 mm user-packed capillary column using MyCapLC Kit.
  • 136 proteins identified using an 0.3 × 150 mm off-the-shelf capillary LC column.

MyCapLC for LC-MS/MS Protein Identification

    SGE MyCapLC Kit Packing Instructions

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    Date posted: 19th Aug 2016 , 11:30am

    SGE MyCapLC Kit Brochure

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    Date posted: 19th Aug 2016 , 11:30am