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Bioseparation MediaBioseparation Media

As the sole authorised distributor for Tosoh Biosciences in Australia and New Zealand, Kinesis is pleased of offer the renowned Toyopearl range of chromatography resins.

Tosoh Bioscience has continued to be a leader in the field of bio-separations ever since it was established in 1987 as TosoHaas. Toyopearl resins are in widespread use throughout the world both in research and industrial process purification applications.

Tosoh’s portfolio encompasses all common modes of liquid chromatography including SEC, Ion Exchange, HIC and Affinity. The range offers solutions for the purification of proteins, peptides, enzymes, mAbs, antibiotics, or small molecules from bench scale to process scale.

In conjunction with the TSKgel range of columns (see our separate Bioseparation Columns section) Tosoh offers an extensive toolbox for the bio-therapeutics industrial and research environments.